How to Create a Blog on your iPad or Smartphone

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Can you really create a blog on your iPad, iPhone or Android phone?  Yes you can.  Weebly, a hosting company that has the popular drop and drag feature for webmasters to create their own blogs, online store or websites, has a mobile app that will allow it’s users to build and also manage them on any device.  Their user-friendly website builder service makes it so simple for you to upload videos, photos, text, files, audio and other content directly to your site via your smartphone or iPad.  Of course you have the option of creating your site from your desktop or laptop computer but if you don’t have one or prefer to do it from your mobile devices, Weebly has everything you need to get started. - Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website!

How do I get Started?

The first thing you will need to do is to go to their official website here to sign up for a free account.  Directly after this, you will download the Weebly mobile app on Google Play or iTunes depending upon which mobile device you have.  After you have downloaded and installed the app, you will need to sign up for a free Weebly account so that you can start working on your blog, online store or website.

What else can I do with this mobile app?

Not only can you set up and design your website but you can also make new posts on your blog directly from your smartphone or tablet.  This makes it very convenient for you to manage your content while you are sitting on the couch, visiting a friend, lying in bed and so forth.  You can also share your posts on Twitter and Facebook with just one click.  In addition to those features, you will also be able to check and respond to any comments that your readers have left for you on your blog, review your blog stats, add new products to your online store, (if you have one on Weebly), manage and process orders, accept payments and even respond to customer inquires.

Does it cost anything to use Weebly?

No.  You can choose from a blog, website or online store and get it for free with Weebly.  This free service comes with free hosting, a custom sub-domain, unlimited pages for you to include content on and storage to upload more photos, videos, etc.  You also have several ready-made themes for you to choose from to design your blog to your liking.  If you encounter any problems or need assistance, Weebly has free chat and email support for all of their users.

If you prefer to have additional features on your blog, website or online store like your own domain in the form of a .com, .co, .net, .org, etc. or, search engine indexing, a customizable footer and so forth, the prices start at $8 up to $25 a month.

FYI:  If you do decide to purchase a monthly plan with Weebly, Ebates will give you 14% cash back for any money that you spend with Weebly and a free $10 gift card.  Make sure that you sign up for Ebates to get cash back when you shop online, if you haven’t already.

These add-ons are not necessary so you can still get your blog for free with Weebly without doing any upgrades.

Is it easy to use?

The easiest way to create a real estate website. Create your site at!Absolutely.  Obtaining a blog from Weebly is very easy to set up in just three simple steps.

  1. Pick out your theme
  2. Choose features you want to add to each page.
  3. Publish it online.

The drop and drag features enable you to easily add features and content to your pages with your finger or the click of a mouse.  You could have your blog ready to publish online in one day!

Why I recommend Weebly for beginners?

I actually had a Weebly blog when I first started to experiment with blogs for at least 6 months.  It was so easy to use and configure and I enjoyed working on my site and creating content there because it was stress-free and uncomplicated.  I recommend all new bloggers to give Weebly a try first because it is less intimidating than WordPress.  You can always try it out for a few months and then migrate over to WordPress when you are ready to take on the challenge of using a more advanced content platform.

Your blog will look professional and be very easy for your blog readers to navigate through the subsequent pages for additional content.  You will be so proud of yourself because you created your own site yourself!

Are you ready to create your own blog from your iPad or smartphone?  If so, make sure that you visit Weeebly here today to get started.


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