50 Easy Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

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Blogging can be an easy way for a person to make extra money from home if you know how to drive traffic to your site.  One simple way that this can be accomplished is by writing original content on a topic or subject they are familiar with, have some knowledge or expertise in or enjoy.

Of course, writing alone may not always give you the results that you desire in the short and long term, so you will have to incorporate some strategies to increase the flow of traffic to your blog or website.  There are many legitimate ways that you can try to drive traffic to your blog and I have included at least 50.  Many of these suggestions are also free so that you will necessary have to spend money upfront.

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50 Easy Ways to Get Traffic to your Blog 

  1. Write headlines that are attention grabbing.
  2. Make sure that your content is of high quality.  Your blog should be informative and interesting.  It should prove to be of some kind of value to the reader.
  3. Ensure that each post has enough content to provide valuable information to the reader.  You should strive to have at least 500 words or more per article or blog post.
  4. Include a few shorter posts.  They should get right to the point.
  5. Be consistent when adding new content.  The reader should know when to expect updates from the writer.  If you have a blog schedule, your readers will come back regularly for new content.
  6. Add current news stories on your blog.  Make sure that they are related to the topic of your blog.
  7. Include some topics that are trending on sites such as Twitter and other social media outlets that your readers will be interested in.
  8. Add some pictures or graphics that will draw attention to the blog and make it visually appealing.
  9. Add a related video and link it to YouTube or a similar site.
  10. Develop a podcast about the blog and share it on sites such as iTunes.
  11. Turn the blog content into a presentation and share this on sites such as SlideShare.
  12. Have a Facebook page just for your blog.  Make sure that you link every update to this page to drive traffic from Facebook.
  13. Tweet all your updates.
  14. Link the blog to your  Google + pages and make sure they are published.
  15. Like older posts that you have written from time to time to bring attention back to them.
  16. Pin images from the blog on sites such as Pinterest for additional exposure and traffic.
  17. Create a Tumblr blog post and post this content on the blog also.
  18. Get an Instagram account and post content from your blog there also.  You can also add one link on your Instagram page and you could direct it to your blog, if you choose to do so.
  19. Comment on other blogs that have similar content.
  20. Ask if you can include your link on other blogs.
  21. Follow your blog readers to build a mutual relationship.
  22. Include a button for sharing on each posts.
  23. Share sidebar links with other sites.
  24. Include quotes and phrases on the blog.
  25.  Choose keywords carefully and  have them related to your blog.
  26. Try to end some of your posts with questions to stir interest and generate feedback.  The more responses you get, the more others may come back to see new comments.
  27. Link your posts on Stumble Upon.
  28. Add new users to Twitter everyday.
  29. Reply to comments and emails from people within a 24 hour period.
  30. Join Facebook groups that are designed for bloggers.
  31. Link your blog to a LinkedIn account.
  32. Put your posts on sites like Digg and Reddit to find more readers.
  33. Put your blog onto blogroll.
  34.  Guest post on other blogs.
  35. Invite others to write a guest post so their followers can read their content on your blog.
  36. Add your blog to blog directories.
  37. Post articles on Hubpages and Squidoo and link them to your blog.
  38. Tag all file names including pictures.
  39. Use keywords in titles and sub headings.
  40. Set up a Google authorship on your blog.
  41. Promote giveaways and promotions on your blog to attract readers.
  42. Send out a free newsletter.
  43. Develop business cards with the URL of your blog.
  44. Have your friends and family to spread the word about your blog.
  45. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers and link it to your blog or website.
  46. Ping the posts on Pingomatic.
  47. Make your theme attractive on your blog.
  48. Include a RSS feed.  If you are not sure how to create an RSS feed, make sure you read my post here.
  49. Make the blog optimized for mobile devices.
  50. Create an app for iPhone and Android operating systems.

Can you think of any more easy ways that you have used to drive traffic to your blog or website?  Let me know in the comments below.


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