How to Get Free Pictures for your Blog

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When it comes to blogging there is a lot to be learned about web design, creating and posting content, marketing, advertising and also photography.  Of course blogging does encompass many more topics in addition to what I mentioned above and photography or photo images for your blog may be one of the most important factors to a blog aside from your content.  But it is really possible to get free images for your blog, why is it important to have them and how they can help your blog overall will be discussed in this article.

Why it is important to have photos on your blog

Imagine reading a magazine that is filled with interesting content but is completely empty of any images to support that content.  Maybe the pages are white and the text is black.  Although you may appreciate and really enjoy the articles in the magazine, you may find that your eyes get a little tired after some time and you need to put it down to refocus.  But if the magazine contains colorful, interesting images you may tend to read the magazine longer and stay engaged.  Images help to bring life to your article and capture the essence of your content in general.  All bloggers will need to use and manage photos in their posts as a part of their blogging routine.

How Pictures/Photos Help your Blog

Pictures and photos help to bring more value to a blog or website.  It will also engage your readers in a way that plain text alone is not able to do.  Photos are also another form of content and can be a very useful tool when you are trying to explain how to do something in the form of a tutorial, provide examples or explanations, for demonstration purposes and many other uses.

To explain the importance of photos, let’s use the example of a very popular website that you probably have heard of by now called Pinterest.  Pinterest contains mostly photos and some short text to accompany the photos but the majority of Pinterest users visit this site too see new images that are visually stimulating to them.  If they like the image, they may hit the like button, repin it to their Pinterest board and even click on the image to visit the blog, website, online store, etc. to find out more about it.  Photos can help to visually and mentally engage the blog readers and at the same time put life into the blog author’s post.

Here is another example of how effective photos can be to a blog.  Perhaps you have a food blog and you created a post about how to make a cherry warm-glazed fruit pie.  You know exactly what ingredients they will need, how to prepare it, what temperature to cook the pie at and other important details to make the recipe just right.  But without any photos to support your post, it could get lost in translation (so to speak), lose your readers attention or motivation to try the recipe in their own home.  That is why photos/images are so necessary and a vital part of the finished post or article that any blogger will create.

Where to get free images for your blog?

If you are new at blogging, you may assume that you can simply go to Google images and download a photo from there and place it on your blog or website but you may be unknowingly stealing a photo from someone else.  So how can you get photos, in particular free photos for your blog legally? - Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website!

There are a few companies that provide bloggers with free stock photos and videos that you can use anywhere without attribution or a link that will give credit back to the creator of that work.  One of my favorite sites to use for all of my free photos is Pixabay.  They have high quality images for you to download for free and use commercially in either small, medium, large or it’s original size.  They have over 560,000 images for you to choose from and place on your blog.

You can see a list of other places to get free images for your blog or website, by going to this page.

I also recommend that you PicMonkey to edit your images for branding.  You can do this with text and include the name of your blog or website on your photo to bring recognition to your blog and establish yourself as a brand.  PicMonkey has several editing features, graphics, textures, frames, overlays and special effects that you can try all for free.  After I get my photo from Pixabay, I always go to PicMonkey after I have saved the photo to dress up my photo.  You can see some examples of photos that I have edited with PicMonkey below.

human-1138001_1280macbook-336692_1280 (1)mobile-698624_640working-690680_640

What sites do you use to get your free photos for your blog?  Share your comments below.

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  1. Great article! I’m grateful for the useful information to find free photos and photo editors for my blog. Google has always been my primary source. I would hate to get into any type of trouble for unknowingly stealing someone else’s photo! I will definitely start using these sources!

    1. Thank you for your comments. I am glad that you found some of these resources helpful.

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