30 Amazing Free Ways to Promote Your Blog

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Promoting your blog or website, doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, there are a few ideas and online resources that you can take advantage of that will not cost you one penny.  This is especially important if you are a blogger on a budget or have little funds to tap into to.  Spreading the word about your blog is much easier and manageable than you may think.  Here are a few ways that I have used and currently use to promote my blogs that will help you to do the same.

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Make sure you put forth an effort to try to utilize as many of these tips as possible so that you can get more traffic to your blog and have a better overall blogging experience.  If you have some free ways that you have used to promote your blog that are not included on this list, feel free to share what you used and that has worked for you in the comments below.

1. Collaborate with other bloggers in the creation of a series.
2. Write an article for a local newspaper.
3. Focus on writing about controversial topics.
4. Make frequent posts.
5. Include yourself in interviews for other blogs.
6. Make sure to keep in contact with your subscribers as this will build their trust in you.
7. Become involved in social media and develop an online community with other bloggers.
8. Share links using a Facebook account.
9. Take advantage of Twitter, make sure you post regularly, and include links to your blog in those posts.
10. Create free resources for visitors and subscribers to your blog to download and use. Everyone loves free things.
11. Include content in your blog that is currently trending on the internet.
12. Write a short e-book and post it to your blog, including a short preview of it for free.
13. If you are knowledgeable about a subject, and you feel others could benefit from it, you could use a portion of your blog as an instructional course.
14. Leave feedback on other blogs that have a high subscriber base.
15. Become a participant in online forums.  You can always join Workersonboard Talk for free and promote your blog for free there.
16. Make links to some of your older posts within new posts.
17. Take advantage of media streaming sites such as YouTube.
18. Make your blog more interactive by embedding flash games to your posts that readers can relate to.
19. E-mail your subscribers links to your older posts so that you can breathe new life into them.
20. Be friendly and open to assisting other bloggers who share the same goals that you do.
21. Be personable and tell stories that will maintain the interests of your readers.
22. Avoid writing about subjects that you know nothing about.
23. Do research on what the current popular keywords are and use them.
24. Use original material that visitors will not be able to see anywhere else.
25. Take additional time, if needed, to go over your individual posts and check for errors.
26. Do not overly burden your subscribers with too many messages that could annoy them.
27. Develop a way to get as much exposure as you can.
28. Create a logo for your blog that is easily recognizable.
29. Use your logo as a watermark in videos and share them with others.
30. Be considerate to your readers and always thank them for reading.

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